How Many Syrians Who Have Been Granted Citizenship Will Be Able To Vote?

Interior Minister participated in the live broadcast, “211 thousand Syrians were granted citizenship. 120 thousand of them will vote,” he said. In addition, Soylu said, “We are preparing to ensure the return of 1 million Syrians.” Interior Minister made statements about agenda on the live broadcast he attended and answered questions.

Minister Soylu said the following:

“I want to ask one thing to Turkey. Why did the US give $2 billion to the PYD in the last three years? They are trying to figure out, ‘I wonder if we can create something between the Turks and the Kurds, can we create a process between the Sunnis and the Alevis.’ Turkey is trying to be weakened by the Sunni-Alevi conflict. You eat this if you are weak.

They can set up a game for you in the country of 2 thousand dollars, 3 thousand dollars. You understand that, but you don’t make a sound. This was the painting a century ago. At the beginning of the 21st century, we came to a Turkey where these fault lines were triggered.

Turkey has put forward and continues an understanding befitting this civilization and geography for those who are trying to weaken Turkey over the Turkish-Kurdish issue.

The second issue is the Alevi-Sunni issue, the third issue is the secular-anti-secular issue. Turkey has also solved this. Turkey managed well as a nation after a coup d’état described as postmodern, which was completely inappropriate for the structure of this country, such as February 28. He ruled the whole society well.

Western working groups, labels, separation of people, marginalization these people used the game in 2002 to bring a mentality that objected to this understanding to power. There is no such discussion in Turkey today. No one has an argument that ‘you are interfering with my way of life’.

Third, the Alevi-Sunni issue: Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister of this country between 2008-2010, continued the third fault line that they thought they could trigger at any time, putting forward the same understanding and the same logic during his mayoral term since 2008.

If you also do politics, if we change the seats, you will start from here. Because if you defeat this, you defeat other issues. Can everyone in this country say ‘I was Kurdish’? Does anyone have such a concern? Today, people are marginalized in expressing themselves, are they segregated, no.

We have a governor who is Kurdish, we have a police chief who is Kurdish. We have an Alevi prefect. We have a police chief whose father is a grandfather. We have an Armenian prefect. We have a Jafari governor. We have an Uzbek Turku governor. We even had an Alevi governor until recently. We also practice positive discrimination. We want to receive district governor candidates who present themselves as Alevi.


When it started in 2011, we did not expect that this process would take so long.

We cannot be in a separate thought from our humanity, our neighborliness, the persecution faced by these people, the processes. Are these people not going to return to their own countries? Of course they will, but where can they turn now? Can they return to the regions where the PYD is active? Can they return to the places that the regime is constantly bombing right now? Turkey has been managing this process with a policy for a long time.


It is not very easy to make such an assessment before this matter comes to this point, to make such an assessment without seeing who can approach at what level, what steps they can take, and it is early. Beyond that, we have responsibilities. We have humanitarian responsibilities, we have neighborhood responsibilities. We cannot leave these people to die, we cannot push them to death.

In the areas where we operate, a total of 6 million people live in that line. Who do these people trust, who do they trust? Life has become much more normal there than before. It has industry, trade, economy, education, health, agriculture, production.


We know that area like the back of our hand. We also know whose hand is in whose pocket, who is trying to commit which provocative act. Both MIT and the security, gendarmerie and the Turkish armed Forces have the highest level of knowledge.

I say again, the United States is giving $ 2 billion in aid to the PYD. Would he leave it alone there? Will he allow us to take steps to enable these people to live comfortably in their own countries without setting up the project and game that he has put in his head?


We have 3 million 650 thousand Syrian brothers and sisters in Turkey. there are 3 million 222 thousand refugees. there are also 1 million 400 thousand residents. 517 thousand Syrians have returned voluntarily so far. We are also preparing the infrastructure for a safe, dignified and voluntary return. 1 million 20 thousand people were given social adaptation training.

Our President made a statement, ‘We will take steps to ensure the return of 1 million people in Jarablus, Azaz, al-Bab, Rasulain and Jul-Abyad,’ he said. The next day, they started firing mortars from the other side. So they make every move here.

Can they make a provocation in Turkey? In terms of security, in my opinion, we are at the strongest time in the history of the Republic. Does it mean we don’t eat attacks, we shouldn’t talk big. They can enter some trials left over from the past traces in Turkey, but we have the ability to fulfill the requirements immediately. Can they create a provocation from inside the Syrians? That doesn’t happen, it absolutely can’t happen.

I think that the issues that arise through ethnicity, as well as racism, are a lack of humanity. Our nation does not have such a civilization. For him, for about 11 years, he has shown the world how a brotherhood agreement can be with us Syrians.

We have 3 million 650 thousand Syrian brothers and sisters in Turkey. there are 3 million 222 thousand refugees. there are also 1 million 400 thousand residents. 517 thousand Syrians have returned voluntarily so far. We are also preparing the infrastructure for a safe, dignified and voluntary return. 1 million 20 thousand people were given social adaptation training. We have established 62 thousand brick houses in Idlib, and we will reach 100 thousand 800 houses at the end of the year.

We build our brick houses especially with donations. We have also started the construction of 6 thousand 600 houses in the Euphrates Shield region. We are preparing to ensure the return of Jul 1 million Syrians. We will build more than 200 thousand houses in the north of Syria. As a state, we are in contact with Afghans, Pakistanis, Uighur Turks, Meskhetians, Syrians, people from Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, that is, whoever is in Turkey.

We are in contact with both training and other services. And we are always in contact with the non-governmental organizations formed by them. That’s how the world does it. We have been holding meetings about this for months. Who goes, what are the conditions for this? A system has also been established here.


Already, voter information is provided to all political parties twice in five years as of the place of birth. You can do the data mining you want on this information. As if this is something new, he says, ‘I have much more information than the YSK.’

If it is said that ’there is more information than YSK’, it means that a crime is being committed. there are 120 thousand Syrian voters. Who are these? We have a lot of criteria. He has an engineer, an architect, a doctor, a good student, an insured employee.

I mean, there was a complaint once that they were taking the best of them and taking them to Europe. Turkey is not a tent state. It’s not the first time a citizen has done it. There are criteria for making a citizen, there is a security investigation, there are safahats. These are also determined by law.

211 thousand Syrians were granted citizenship. 120 thousand of them will be able to vote.”


Soylu, on the question of prolonging passport waiting times, also stated that there were some problems in printing green passports, and that they were working on this issue. Stating that they will start producing a passport that is much more secure than today’s passport on August 25, Soylu noted the following:

“But this month the other passport will continue, we will produce 70 thousand of this passport this month, we will produce 150 thousand next month, we will have started full production in December 2022. We will have a domestic passport. But the other passport will come in the same way, as it will meet our needs.

I also tell tto those who apply for a green passport from here. We made an improvement there, maybe we made that improvement untimely, so it was 5 years, the duration of the green passport increased to that 10 years.

When you reach 10 years, everyone wants to use the 10-year period of the green passport. Now, if there are those who have a 5-year period of green passports in their hands, we will make an improvement that will increase their duration to 10 years from tomorrow, even if they do not change it.”


Minister Soylu continued his words as follows:

“When there is finger paint, I think I can be the district president or something in the Turkey of finger paint. Why go back to finger painting? We don’t need to fingerprint a voter who has already voted, that law we changed recently.

We have lists, we have your Republic of Turkey identification number. The ID number provides that now written on the paper list. This is a process that is only put forward to create doubt. Turkey is a country that manages the election issue well and conducts it well. Our party AKP has won the last 5 government elections.


The State Supervisory Board, the Ankara Chief Prosecutor’s Office, the Ankara Police Department and MASAK have brought the investigation to a point. What kind of process the investigation is progressing in, what point it has reached will be announced in the coming days.”