When Does The Judicial-Courthouse Holiday In Turkey Begin And End?

The fair holiday, during which judicial employees go on mass leave, is held every year between the same dates. In recent days, he has begun to question the start and end dates of the 2022 judicial holiday period. Citizens are wondering about the details with a judicial holiday.

The judicial holiday begins on July 20 every year, ends on August 31. The new judicial year begins on September 01 2022.

Turkey iResidence – Judges, prosecutors and courthouse in Turkey employees, including courts, take a leave of absence during the judicial holiday period. Citizens who have transactions in court and employees who are going on a judicial vacation are wondering about the duration of the vacation. So, when will the judicial holiday begin and when will it end?


A judicial holiday is called a holiday period when judges, prosecutors and courthouse employees collectively go on leave. The judicial holiday begins on July 20 every year, ends on August 31. The new judicial year begins on September one.


(1) During a judicial vacation, the following cases and deeds are continued:

– Making decisions on temporary legal protection, such as an injunction, an injunction and the determination of evidence, requests for obtaining marine reports and appointing a dispatcher, as well as objections and other applications to be made against them.

– All kinds of alimony cases, as well as cases or proceedings related to robbery, custody and guardianship.

– Works and cases of correction of population records.

– Lawsuits filed by employees due to the service agreement or employment contract.

– Cancellation works arising from the loss of valuable documents and requests for the issuance of a certificate of loss due to the loss of business books.

– Bankruptcy and concordat, as well as business and litigation related to the restructuring of capital companies and cooperatives by settlement.

– Discoveries that were decided to be made on a judicial holiday.

– Cases and works that fall within the scope of the court’s task, in accordance with the arbitration provisions.

– Non-contentious judicial affairs.

– Cases and works that are specified as urgent by law or, at the request of one of the parties, are decided to be urgent by the court.

(2) In case of agreement of the parties or if the case is being considered in the absence of a party, at the request of the party that is ready, the above-mentioned cases and cases may be considered after the judicial holiday.

(3) During the judicial holiday, actions are also taken to receive lawsuits, counterclaims, appeals and appeals filed in relation to cases and works other than those shown in the above paragraphs, as well as response petitions and requests to renew cases whose file has been removed from processing, to issue orders, all kinds of notifications, and to send the file to another court, district court of justice or Supreme Court.

(4) The provisions of this article shall also be applied in district court courts and Supreme Court examinations.

ARTICLE 104- (1) In cases and works subject to judicial leave, if the expiration of the periods appointed by this Law coincides with the holiday time, these periods are also considered to be extended by one week from the day of the end of the judicial holiday without the need for a decision.