How Many Syrian Humanitarian Refugees Are Living In Turkey?

3 million 672 thousand 646 Syrians, who were forced to emigrate since 2012 after the civil war that began in their country, came to Turkey. 1 million 414 thousand 80 Syrians in Turkey, where they take refuge as a ‘ safe haven ‘ and make up 4.46 percent of the population, live in the border cities of Gaziantep, Sanliurfa, Hatay and Kilis.

Anti-regime demonstrations that began in March 2011 in Daraa, Syria, Turkey’s southern neighbor, soon spread throughout the country with the use of weapons by Assad’s forces.

Clashes broke out in various parts of Syria over the summer after the regime, despite all calls, did not give up the use of weapons for those who want democracy and freedom.

The confusion turned into civil war as opponents of the regime responded by arming it with the name ‘Free Syrian Army’. As the conflict escalated in violence and deaths increased, civilians who had forcibly left their homes since 2012 began to emigrate from the country. Thousands of civilians who have left their homes have migrated to Turkey since 2012.

After that date, the conflict did not stop, the regime, as well as the terrorist organizations came into play, the pressure environment forced thousands of civilians to forcibly emigrate. According to the data of the General Directorate of migration administration, the number of Syrians migrating to Turkey in the intervening period reached 3 million 672 thousand 646.


Most Syrians scattered across Turkey’s 81 provinces to make their living chose to stay in border cities with kinship relations and the hope of returning.

According to the data of the General Directorate of migration administration, 1,414,80 of the Syrians registered under Temporary Protection, who make up 4.46 percent of Turkey’s population, remained in border cities.

Of the Syrians, 449 thousand 667 preferred Gaziantep, 435 thousand 699 preferred Hatay, 423 thousand 711 preferred Şanlıurfa and 105 thousand 6 Preferred Kilis.

The population of Syria with the density formed in the region was 74.23 percent of the population of Kilis, 26.33 percent of the population of Hatay, 21.56 percent of the population of Gaziantep and 20.10 percent of the population of Sanliurfa.


According to the data of the General Directorate of migration administration, Istanbul was the city where Syrians under temporary protection lived the most. 5,25,241 Syrians are equivalent to 3.50 percent of Istanbul’s population, which they prefer to live in.

Bayburt was the least preferred city for Syrians who took refuge in Turkey. After Bayburt, where 23 Syrians lived, Artvin with 38 asylum seekers, Tunceli with 43 asylum seekers, Igdir with 72 asylum seekers and Gümüşhane with 88 asylum seekers were identified as the least populated cities of Syrians.

On the other hand, 56 thousand 191 Syrians live in 7 housing centers in Adana, Hatay, Kahramanmaraş, Kilis and Osmaniye.